Donor Eggs

If a couple cannot conceive with the woman’s eggs, donor eggs may be required for in-vitro fertilisation treatment. Sometimes, donor eggs can also help an infertile female conceive and give birth to her child. Therefore, taking donor eggs with the help of IVF treatment to bring good news in your life is one of the successful fertility treatments.

The selection procedure of egg donor for the recipient

  • Consultation

The first step of your infertility treatment includes consultation with your fertility specialist. They will make you understand the process of all suitable treatment options according to your present health.

  • Preparation of the cycle

The fertility experts will suggest some tests before starting the treatment to improve the success rate. Your complete physical health will be examined to determine if you are physically ready to carry the baby.

  • Donor selection

Choosing the donor for the procedure is one of the significant steps of the treatment. Veda Fertility will help you find the best donor eggs and make you aware of the legal aspect of the procedure. 

  • Donor and recipient synchronisation

The recipient and the donor will be kept on regular hormone therapy to synchronise their cycle for the procedure. The wall of the recipient’s uterus should be prepared for embryo implantation when the donor’s eggs are retrieved and fertilised in the lab.

  • Egg retrieval and in-vitro fertilisation

When the donor’s eggs mature and start losing from the follicles, egg retrieval is scheduled. The sperm sample is also collected on the same day to start the process of in-vitro fertilisation in the lab.

  • Embryo transfer

The fertilised embryos are developed in the Veda Fertility lab under the observation of our embryologist. The best embryo is selected for transfer into the recipient’s uterus for implantation in her uterine lining. 

Who needs donor eggs?

  1. A woman who has had her ovarian fall prematurely is an ideal candidate for the IVF procedure of conceiving. Premature ovarian fall is a condition of early menopause, usually before 40 years of age.
    1. Women with low-quality egg production can also consider this method to conceive through IVF. This condition is called diminished ovarian reserve, which usually occurs due to a drastic fertility fall after 40 years of age.
    2. If a female suffers from a genetically transmitted disease, she should search for donor’s eggs to prevent the next generation from the same mutation.
    3. Women with a previous history of failure of IVF treatment are also advised to consider the same procedure, especially if the doctor finds out quality issues with your eggs.

What should you expect when you consider egg donation?

The egg donation process in in-vitro fertilisation and implantation is similar to traditional IVF treatments. The recipient is thoroughly examined and kept on the course of hormone treatment before receiving the fertilised embryo. This treatment will help her body in preparing for conception. The fertility experts of Veda Fertility will give her 24/7 care till she becomes a mother. Moreover, she will be kept on hormone treatment for the next ten months afterward.

Veda Fertility will help you in solving your infertility issues. Trust our services and call us at 9667774694 to book an appointment for a consultation with our fertility experts.