Donor Sperm

Sperm donation is a huge aid to couples that have been unable to conceive despite multiple attempts. Many couples contemplate sperm donation as a means of conceiving through IVF. It is one of the most commonly advocated treatments for infertile men or those with lower sperm counts, such as azoospermia, oligospermia, or low motility. The couple is unable to conceive naturally in such instances. 

In addition, if the male partner has a gene mutation that can be passed down to the child, such couples may consider using the donor’s sperm to have a healthy child free of genetic conditions.

Veda Fertility helps you find the ideal sperm donor who can help you in continuing your family with the help of in-vitro fertilisation techniques. Here you will get quality tested and screened sperm with proper consultation with the fertility experts.

What is the criteria to be eligible for sperm donation?

Sperm donation can be considered to aid the couples in resolving their conception complications. You may be considered an ideal sperm donor if you are willing to become a donor and meet the conditions listed below.

  1. People between the age of 21 to 45 years can be sperm donors.
  2. Should have a healthy physical and mental state along with a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Must be tested for genetic diseases and shouldn’t have any of them.
  4. The sperm sample should be of good quality and motile.

What steps are involved in the procedure of sperm donation?

  • Sperm sample collection

At Veda Fertility, the process of collection of sperm is kept as easy as possible for the donors. This procedure involves the following steps.

  • Schedule a meeting with our fertility specialist for a detailed consultation. Our specialists will make sure that you understand your rights as a sperm donor.
    • You must visit our doctor, who will collect your entire medical history. You will also be recommended to get some blood and semen tests done. 
    • You will also be tested for genetic diseases to prevent transmission to the next generation.
    • Donate your sperm in our fully private amenities for the on-site collection of the sample.
    • Three months later, you will undergo a blood test. Your sperm will be frozen till your blood test shows consistent favourable reports.
  • Create your donor profile

Along with collecting your sperm and running follow-ups, we will create a donor profile for you to make it presentable to the potential receivers. Your donor profile will include your medical history, family history, and physical features. It will also have your genetic test results. 

It is mandatory to share this information with the recipient to clear all their doubts and make the final decision conveniently. However, Veda Fertility ensures to keep your identity as a donor entirely confidential. Apart from medical-related details, we do not disclose your details to the recipients. 

Veda Fertility will help you find the perfect sperm donor with healthy and motile sperm. You can book a meeting or an appointment with our fertility specialists by contacting us on our service number, 9667774694.