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Learn about surrogacy and understand when to opt it

Delivering Parenthood without Borders through Surrogacy Treatment

In some couples, the challenges of getting pregnant can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly after being infertile for a long time or knowing it would be difficult beforehand. Although IVF technology allows many future moms to carry their own child, there are still a few cases where surrogacy is the only option.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a third-party arrangement, whereby a woman legally agrees to carry and give birth to a baby for another intended couple viaIVF or IUI process.

Typically, there are two main surrogacy options :

a) Traditional surrogacy : Here, the surrogate mother becomes pregnant with her own egg, which is fertilized by the sperm of the intended father. Therefore, the resulting baby is genetically linked to the surrogate.

b) Gestational Surrogacy : Under this strategy, the pregnancy is achieved through IVF using the intended parents or third-party donor’s egg and sperm. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the surrogate mother who does not make any contribution to the baby’s genetics.

Another surrogacy option is “altruistic surrogacy.” In this case, the surrogate mother is already known to the intending couple and is solely paid to compensate medical fees and other pregnancy-related expenses.


When to Choose Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a life-changing decision that might impact you in many ways. However, it is a beneficial solution for you and your partner under the following medical conditions:
• Absence of uterus, as a defect from birth or due to surgical removal (hysterectomy);
• Abnormalities of the uterus including the septate uterus, fibroids, scarring of the uterus from infection or surgery;
• Presence of a medical condition puts pregnancy at high risk or prevents it. For example, autoimmune disorders;
• Limited success with in-Vitro Fertilization or other assisted reproductive technology (ART).

How can I find a surrogate?

Finding a surrogate mother can be a challenging endeavor, but not impossible. With increased accessibility in Gurgaon ,Veda Fertility offers a full range of surrogacy service that allow you to choose the surrogate mother of your choice, which is convenient , economical, and time saving . Our rigorous medical screening to selecting them ensures you will get the best suited profile for your matching issues.

How long does Surrogacy Process take?

Surrogacy is a complex process that comprises of several crucial steps, from extensive counseling to medical review to independent legal guidance. While the process may seem edgy and daunting initially, it indeed provides you and your partner a pleasant experience as well. Usually, it takes around 1-2 years, from when you start the process to the time you hold your baby in your arms.
In Veda Fertility Surrogacy Program, our staff understands this complex nature of the surrogacy management process and ensures that you patiently walk through every step to have a positive overall experience. Your journey is always our priority. Therefore, our team of surrogacy experts and IVF physicians are here to providing you with the highest medical safety, while protecting your legal interests at all times.

Where should I explore my surrogacy options?

If you’re a future parent learning to know more about your surrogacy options, call us at +91 9667774694 or schedule a personal consultation. Our fertility specialists at Veda Fertility would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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